• Corporation Funds

    To collect and receive in trust for the Corporation all monies payable pursuant to the Act, the Declaration and By-Laws by the Owners of the units of the Corporation building.
  • Disbursements

    Make payment of all accounts properly incurred.
  • Insurance

    Arrange for the insurance and any appraisals in connection therewith required by the Corporation in accordance with the provisions of the Act, Declaration and By-Laws.
  • General Maintenance & Repairs

    Repair and maintain or cause to be so repaired and maintained those parts of the Property and assets of the Corporation which require repair and maintenance by the Corporation in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration and By-Laws.
  • Reserve Fund

    Establish to the credit of the Corporation in a separate trust account in the name of the Corporation for major repair and replacement of the common elements and assets of the Corporation.
  • Enforcement

    To take such action within its power short of legal action to enforce the terms of the Act and the Declaration, the By-Laws, and any rules.
  • Advisement

    Advise and consult with the Board with respect to any further By-Laws and rules.
  • Communication to the Owners

    Communicate to all Owners the text and import of any further By-Laws or Rules or amendments. Notification by the Board, arrange the location of all general meetings of Owners.
  • Insurance Claims

    Supervise insurance or other claims by or against the Corporation and to see that the rights of the Corporation.
  • Employees of the Corporation

    At the Corporation’s expense, to hire, pay, supervise and discharge as may be necessary from time to time all persons required for the proper operation and maintenance of the Property and its equipment.
  • Employee Records

    Maintain proper payroll records with respect to all persons engaged to work at the Property.
  • Supervision of Employees

    Direct and supervise any and all persons employed, for the operation and maintenance.
  • Maintenance Schedule

    Prepare, specify and present a schedule duly approved by the Board and to arrange for the preparation of such work. Work performed by the tradesman required from time to time at the Corporation’s site.
  • Long - Term Contracts

    Shall supply the Corporation with copies of all current contracts and agreements which obligate the Corporation for terms greater than three (3) months.
  • Contracts

    Contract on behalf of the Corporation with any person, firm or Corporation to perform any work or service for the Corporation within the scope. Reasonable diligence to assure that contracts and agreements between the Corporation and supplier or service provider are performed in accordance with their terms.
  • Materials, Equipment and supplies

    Purchase on behalf of the Corporation such equipment, tools, appliances, materials and supplies as are necessary for the proper operation and maintenance of the Property.
  • Inventory

    Maintain in so far as is reasonably possible, an up - to - date list of all inventory.
  • Fire and Safety

    • Compliance with Ontario Fire Code
    • Identification of all residents requiring assistance in the event of an emergency
    • Identification and elimination on a planned basis of hazards to safety
  • Emergency Situations

    Keep the Board of Directors advised of the telephone numbers at which an agent any be reached at any time during normal business hours or night in respect of any emergency involving the property. Submit to the board an Occurrence Report in respect of any significant accident, emergency, breakdown or other situation.
  • General Authority

    Generally to do and perform and where desirable contract as for and in the name of the Corporation for all things desirable or necessary for the proper and efficient management of the Property, and not to authorize any work, repairs, alterations or maintenance estimated to cost excess $ 2,000.00 for any one item without first obtaining the Corporation’s approval.