• Books and Records of the Corporation

    Maintain the Corporation’s books of account and retain full and proper records regarding all financial transactions.
  • Annual Budget

    Prepare and present to the Board 45 days before the commencement of each fiscal year.
  • Financial Reporting

    Provide the board of Directors:
    • Corporation income
    • Dollar amount of common expenses
    • Dollar amount of each disbursements
    • Name of the owners who are delinquent in payment
    • Name and amounts of all other delinquent accounts
    • Particulars of accounts
  • The Register

    Maintain the Corporation’s register on behalf of the Corporation, to keep an up to date register of the names and addresses of Owners and /or occupants of the units.
  • Access to Books and Records

    Make available at reasonable times whenever requested to the Corporation.
  • Collection of Accounts Receivable Including Common Expenses

    Actively pursue the collection of outstanding common expenses and with a view to reducing theses receivable to the lowest minimum balance. To work with and instruct solicitors chosen by the Corporation so they may give proper notice. Collect arrears of common expenses following the institution of legal action.
  • Approval of Invoices

    Make all disbursement properly, incurred copies of all invoices to be provided to the Board.
  • Estoppel Certificates

    Prepare for signature of the Board, and to issue and to provide estoppel certificates together with statements and information required to the Act.
  • Preventive Maintenance

    Establish and maintain a preventive maintenance program for all major technical and electrical equipment and plumbing systems in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers.
  • Manager’s Report

    Present to the board on a monthly basis a manager’s report to serve as a written form of communication, shall reflect the directives of the Board.